Religious Right 101

As I get more of my information together in one place, I will put together a series of introductions to the various Christian movements, past, and present, that are relevant to the current threat of Christian theocracy. New topics will appear as I have the time and/or sufficient information. Watch this space!

RR 101: Christian Identity/British Israelism

RR 101: Christian Reconstruction

RR 101: Dominionism

Future topics:

  • End Times theology
  • The Religious Right & Climate Change
  • Demons, Spirits, and Forces of Darkness – What the Religious Right believes.
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Influential People and Organizations to Watch
  • Seven Mountains Mandate
  • The Religious Right’s obsession with sex
  • Homeschooling: curricula, oversight, reasoning
  • Militarism: Joel’s Army, Phineas Priests, Battle Cry
  • Left Behind: What the series means in right wing theology
  • The Council for National Policy: the worst group with the most innocuous name
  • Steeple-Jacking