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History of Christianity Pt I: Rome and a Messiah

In order to have a solid understanding of the historicity of Jesus and to be able to approach the New Testament intelligently, there are several historical realities with which one must first be conversant. Since that training takes many years of study, much of it at the graduate level, I obviously can’t give too much […]

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Reconstruction Resources

RR101: Christian Reconstruction

Reconstruction is a Calvinist, thenonomic/theocratic trend in theology that teaches that god’s law (i.e. Biblical Law) is to be the law of the land. Theologian R.J. Rushdoony, who published a massive set of volumes called ‘The Institutes of Biblical Law,” is widely considered to be the father of the Reconstruction movement, as well as the […]

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Essay on ‘Not real Christians’

People keep saying “Islam is a peaceful religion,” and then they follow it up with “ISIL isn’t Islamic” or “ISIL is not real Islam, but a twisted and warped version of it.” Or, these days it’s “Those people aren’t real Christians” or “real Christians would never vote for this or that or so-and-so,” of “no […]

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Who Made Whom? The Legacy of Fingerpointing in the Era of Trump

Someone posted this as pushback to the fear and bewilderment at Trump and his ilk, and the rise of fascistic ideology springing up worldwide. I felt the need to reply. “How did this happen you ask? You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.” – No, we did not ‘attack’ your freedom of […]

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Dominionism Resources

From Patheos: Trump Cabinet Makes Theocratic Moves

I suggest taking Patheos overall with a grain of salt; there are hundreds of contributing authors, and not all of them are equally authoritative. I have checked out the background on this, and it coincides with everything else I have seen about members of Trump’s cabinet. Drollinger’s group, Capitol Ministries, has been on the radar […]

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Another Piece on the Agenda of the American Religious Right

It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban This is an excellent piece on the theocratic trend in the US. The author slightly (I think) misinterprets some of the casual signs; he says ‘I’ll pray for you’ is a hallmark of theocratic theology, whereas I tend to think that’s more a […]

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