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History of Christianity Pt I: Rome and a Messiah

In order to have a solid understanding of the historicity of Jesus and to be able to approach the New Testament intelligently, there are several historical realities with which one must first be conversant. Since that training takes many years of study, much of it at the graduate level, I obviously can’t give too much […]

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Trump and the Blood Libel

I have said before that Trump has intentionally evoked thinly veiled white supremacist rhetoric. I’ll cover a few instances of this before noting what I found most disturbing in his speech from Tulsa. One example that might easily be missed without context is his comment about the ‘good bloodlines,’ of Henry Ford: “good bloodlines, good […]

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Who Made Whom? The Legacy of Fingerpointing in the Era of Trump

Someone posted this as pushback to the fear and bewilderment at Trump and his ilk, and the rise of fascistic ideology springing up worldwide. I felt the need to reply. “How did this happen you ask? You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.” – No, we did not ‘attack’ your freedom of […]

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