History of Christianity

Another ongoing project I have in the works is a series dealing with the history of early Christianity,  the historicity of the character of Jesus, and the development of Christian doctrine. For the first installment, I chose to start with the setting for the gospel narratives as a sort of springboard, but in addressing issues like messianic expectation in 1st C Judea, one has to address other issues as well. I apologize if these are a bit meandering. As the series progresses, I may reorder some of the information if it helps make the connections clearer. I make no promises of timely additions; anyone who follows any of my fanfic knows I am a sporadic writer sans a looming deadline, and frankly, I suck at enforcing deadlines I myself create! Nevertheless, here goes. Watch this space!

History of Christianity Pt I: Rome and a Messiah

Future topics:

  • God as Singular and the Heresy of the Trinity
  • Conversion or Death: a History of Blasphemy in Judaism
  • Becoming Divine: How a Preacher Became God
  • What Constantine Did (and Didn’t Do) for Christianity
  • The Council of Nicea: Settling the Disputes?
  • Flavors of Christianity and How They Remain
  • What is the Doctrine of Hell and the Afterlife?
  • Protesting What Exactly?
  • Calvin: Christianity’s Curmudgeon

Please feel free to use the contact form (here) to let me know if there are topics you are interested in.