About Anti-theocracy

This site was formed to address the resurgence of concern over the prevalence of Christianity in government, particularly in the US, but we welcome both commentary and discussion about similar issues elsewhere. It owes great homage to similar communities on LiveJournal such as antitheismdominionismdark_christianity, and similar groups there were absolutely indispensable during the Bush years.*

Concern about and attention to the American religious right waned in the Obama years, but the groups on the right did not slow their activities. Now, with the administration of the US having shifted sharply, the conversation needs to be reopened.

As admin, I will try to post informational articles of my own, links to references or informational pieces elsewhere, as well as foster discussion of issues related to Dominionism, Reconstruction, theocracy, and Christian legislation.

While I suspect many of our members will be atheists, non-belief is in no way required to be horrified by the political and social aims of the radical Christian right, and we welcome voices from faith communities who share the desire to stop their theocratic agendas. Everyone, please be respectful of the belief/non-belief of others.

*While I have listed the DW equivalents, they seem to be largely moribund, hence my beginning this community.

Posting Guidelines:

We ask that when posting in Anti-theocracy, you follow these guidelines:

  • Please feel free to share what you know, see, or experience; we are all better informed and better armed when we share what we know.
  • Please keep your posts factual, or, if offering interpretation, back it up with reasonable evidence. Do not post paranoia or conspiracy theory-style alarmism; what the religious right is *actually* up to is quite alarming enough.
  • Use tags to help others find your post.
  • In the event that your post contains a discussion of religious abuse, coercion, or other traumatizing experiences, please add a note indicating this at the start of your post. We welcome commentary from anyone, but please be respectful of the traumatic experiences of others.

The following content will not be tolerated:

  • Deliberately inflammatory or defamatory, offensive or violent language, “trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off track.
  • Any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual, or incite violence or aggression towards any group or individual.
  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. Anti-theocracy embraces intersectionality, and is race/gender/orientation/identification/sex/body positive. While it is inevitable that criticism of religion and religious doctrines or groups will be common, please refrain from leveling insults at individuals or groups of persons because of their beliefs; e.g. ‘Christianity has some horrible doctrines’ is fine, as is ‘evangelical preacher Joe Smith did this horrible thing.’ However, ‘Christians are horrible people’ is not.
  • Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material.
  • Discussion of or incitement to any illegal activity. Protest and ‘culture-jamming’ posts are acceptable, as are posts providing PUBLICLY available contact information for PUBLIC officials. Things like vandalism, theft, stalking, or doxxing of private citizens, etc. will absolutely not tolerated.
  • Spam, link baiting, commercial or personal solicitations, or promotion. (An occasional notice of a community or website that is relevant to the topic of the community is welcome. Ads for sunglasses, investment opportunities, or picspam communities are not.)
  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights. Please credit sources wherever possible. If you cannot locate a source, at least note that.
  • Respect the intellectual property of others. If you wish to repost, share, or otherwise redistribute a post made here, you MUST obtain the permission of the poster (that includes your admin). Violators will be removed from the community immediately. If you feel your work has been taken without your permission, please send a screenshot to the admin via the contact page.

Violators will be given one warning, followed by a temporary ban, and will be permanently banned on their third infraction. It is not my intent to be a control freak, but to maintain a safe, organized, and civil space for discussion of what is, after all, a very contentious issue.

About the Admin:

I have a graduate degree in Religious Studies (the academic study of religion as a historical and cultural phenomenon, not from a perspective of faith), as well as Medieval Studies, Media Studies, and Cultural Studies. I have been following and researching the Religious Right in America for roughly two decades. I currently teach a variety of subjects in the Humanities at two universities and at a private high school/middle school, including courses on the history of Christianity, Religion in the US, and corresponding courses in Judaism and other faiths.